Friday, October 5, 2007

Crank Up Your Marketing Think Tank!

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Every bold thinking new age has its own phraseology. Your connection to the online world is moving at the speed of light. So to keep up with this fast and changing world here are a few new words to keep in mind.

This is what happens if you follow our SEO, Internet Marketing, and online strategies. When you combine our methods of podcasting, blogging, RSS, web video and SEO something wonderful happens. Unlike typical SEO firms and PPC situations you will lose your rankings, (and money) within due time. But thanks to our tools WORKING TOGETHER you will experience a phenomenon called THE BOUNCE UP. Your site is transformed into this life saving life raft. You will actually go UP the search engines and most likely stay there. While other sites struggle to stay on top yours will actually do the opposite and bob up and down near the very top TEN.

In the early days of all of this I inquired help from several television recording studios for editing video. Little did I know then that these guys were going to charge me an arm and a leg for what I could do in about an hour. Seriously. So I took the best effects from digital video and editing houses and brought everything inhouse to a desktop level. I cut out all the expense, fluff and political numbness out of the experience from having to go into a studio to get something done. It is for this reason I coined this phrase.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The $6,746.00 Miracle

What will it take to get your company profitable? This paltry amount may come as a surprise to you. When you consider the expense that it takes to get your company noticed this amount seems somewhat unimportant.

Forget the following:

* Full Page Advertisements
* Pay Per Click

* Yellow Page Ads
* Radio Ads

* TV Spots

The fact that we can get a marketing message out for literal pennies on the dollar is a miracle. When you compare what we do with traditional media there is no comparison.

The amount covers all of your online media creation, products and your search engine optimization. But thats not the amazing part......

Its possible to get the right type of attention that you need to get successful. What is most surprising to most business owners is that this type of online attention can be generated FREE OF CHARGE.

There is a little known fact among some of todays top Internet marketers. That fact surrounds around a very interesting technique that allows people to actually use various news sites to promote your company. In turn, this creates thousands of free ORGANIC ONLINE TRAFFIC to your site, (this means you do not have to pay for any of these leads).

Best of all you can profit from these leads.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Has Anyone Else Seen This Yet?

We cover a lot of material on our podcast shows. But seeing is believing. A few weeks back we cut a presenation that puts it right out there in plain english. You do not need a computer engineering background to figure out what we are doing. This spells it out plainly.

Real SEO Search Engine Optimization for Michigan Businesses

This is created by my company SEO Search Quest. Since its brief introduction this company has been filled to the brim with orders and new clients. The real reason why we have been flooded has been due to the results.

Get a load of these top Google and Yahoo rankings for Michigan Business.....

There are times when we actually have pulled 5 out of the top 10 spots for a particular niche market. This becomes the norm once you understand the schematics of what we're doing.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007


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"Despite What Detroit Crains Says About IPHONE - You Need To Listen !!"

Here is some no nonsense straight forward information that you will be glad to get.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

News From The Entrepreneur Newsroom

Just A Quick Announcement From The Boys......

Recently, it was announced that the Entrepreneur Network

of Michigan is going to have its new meeting -- in Brighton!

Thats right - Michigan's favorite roving mobile business Network is

Back.... !!! And with a vengeance! This time we are popping up in the
Brighton area... and here are all the details.....

Randolph Miller and Associates Corp Headquarters 26 Summit- Brighton, MI 48116
For directions call: 810-225-7500

$12.00, Includes lunch and admission

Wednesday, June 28, 2007

Steve Lover Founder of the Un-Common Leader

For more information about real SEO in Michigan and Entrepreneurs click here...

Ted Cantu will be on hand to discuss how you can get your business up in orbit

and on IPODS all across the country. He will deliver a brief announcement on
upcoming talks about how you can take your business and products, (and services)
and deliver them to the web.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

A Bit Of Positive News For Detroit and High Tech

While most of the news is focussed on the auto industry and which direction the job market will go -- there is a quiet buzz being generated.

You can read about it here on the SEO WEB COACH blog.... and for those with an extra ten minutes on their hands can watch this clip.....

Its about how the IPODs and IPHONES can potentially put a lot of money in your pocket.....
Great stuff from Ike Engelbaum and the Michigan Entrepreneur Network.....

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